IA of Gravilux

I’ve been delving into the world of interaction design, specifically art based apps and concepts, and wanted to explore Scott Snibbe’s interactive software art, Gravilux. I purchased it for my Nexus and have enjoyed the simplicity in concept and visual execution. With your finger you can “exert a gravitational pull on a world of simulated stars.”

So simple in concept, I was curious to see what the information architecture was, so I diagramed it out.

I ran into one error with the UI. After I change color, there’s an infinite loop between “color” and the menu - I can’t get to the rest of the settings. Hopefully will be fixed in the next update.

At first I thought I wanted the app to do something more - different patterns? I’m not sure. After taking some time and playing with the settings - you can change the size, amount and weight of the “stars”, I began to appreciate the simplicity of the app more. I dug up this video that talks about the concept and thinking behind Gravilux.