The Box Project

The Box Project was born out of process and forming habit. I was struggling with a desire to accomplish too much with multiple mediums. Several requirements were imposed: Cheap, accessible materials, a low maintenance medium and some form of installation. Every night I’d doodle on paper and form origami “boxes.” I took them into the Botanical Gardens and photographed them in different locations. The physical result was 20 images, however the project as whole represented something much larger – forming a process and habit out of simple constraints and readily available materials and locations.

Later, the Box Project became the art direction for a website design, and with new constraints I pushed the idea further.

glassCanopy is a marketing agency in San Francisco focusing on lead generation for niche brands. Their phrase "We Market Hard-to-Describe products to Hard-to-Find Audiences," was inspiration for the origami themed site, as the origami "boxes" are visually abstract (hard-to-describe) and placed in various indoor and outdoor locations (hard-to-find).