The Sample Project

The Sample project was born out of procrastination. I was joining my dad, Colin Lanham , in New Mexico for a group art exhibit. I was showing mostly older work but I desperately wanted one new piece as part of the exhibition. I took an unfinished silk piece and planned to dye it. But I kept putting it off...and putting it off, for no good reason so I thought, hell what if I just color the damn fabric with Prismacolor markers to get some color on it.

So I did. And I discovered if I layered marker strokes over fresh marker strokes, you can "dissolve" the color. This created an almost watercolor effect

After the exhibition, when I found some time to work in my new studio, I thought, working with Prismacolors is so easy. Little to no clean up, vibrant colors and I have more control over the application versus dying, which will yield very un expected results. And so the Sample Project was born.